University Park began as a new Baptist church established in 1948 on what was once the outer edge of the progressive northside of San Antonio.  A lot has changed during the nearly 70 years we have been here.  Businesses and neighborhoods in our area have evolved ethnically, economically, and socially.  We are now majority hispanic ethnically.  We face increasing pressure from economic poverty, and socially, we see far more broken homes comprised of single parents or isolated elderly residents.  We are now the "inner city" northside! 

We are an older congreation, in an aging facility, facing some of the very same challenges reflected in our neighborhood. However, our mission has not changed.  We continue to reach out to our neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ, offering what resources we have and welcoming all to experience the riches of spiritual life in a loving church family.   Our physical resources are limited, but "God has chosen the poor in the eyes of the world to be RICH IN FAITH!"  We still offer the greatest resource ever made available to man - the spiritual blessing of eternal life in Jesus Christ.    For this reason, we continue to preach,  teach, and witness about the unsearchable riches of God's grace towards us in Christ Jesus.   For as long as God sustains us, we will devote ourselves to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and our own lives with our church family and our neighbors. 


University Park Baptist Church

Church office - 210-433-3203 ext 3 Pastor's phone 573-561-4564
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